Failure of the network Wednesday 14th October 2020 09:52:00

Our server room with the uplink to the Internet was disconnected from the power supply today without notice. Therefore our whole network is currently down.

The Selfnet W-LAN is up and running again

More and more of our important systems are starting up again. Unfortunately we still have internal network/routing problems. Because of this e.g. the Selfnet W-LAN is still not working.

We now have power in our server room again. We are now trying to get our services up and running again bit by bit. However, this may take some time.

Unfortunately there are problems with our emergency systems. Because of this we had problems with the LAN for a short time.

Our battery used as an emergency buffer is now about 80% charged again. So we can bridge about 30 minutes, if there are problems with our generator.

We have not yet been able to put the W-LAN infrastructure back into operation.

The downtime for most of the dormitories that were not directly affected by the power outage was approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. A faster action was not possible, because we did not know about the planned measures. We hope that we will be able to keep further failures during dismantling as short as possible.

As soon as the power grid is back in place, we will gradually switch our systems back to it. Then we can operate all our services again.

We are now in the process of procuring more fuel to keep the interim solution in place.

We were able to put the network back into operation. This is a temporary solution. Today, even shorter outages for the conversion to normal operation can be expected.

The generator is now in operation and supplies one of our batteries with power as a buffer. We are now starting to supply the first devices with power from this battery. However, due to the boot times of our systems, the provision of the temporary solution will still take a few minutes.

We expect to be able to start the generator within the next minutes. As soon as it is running we will gradually supply our important infrastructure with electricity.

We are in the process of obtaining the operating resources for the generator and preparing our server room for external power supply.

We have been able to get a generator. This has already arrived at our server room. We are trying to start it now.

We are trying to get a generator. This will operate the main infrastructure components. We hope to get the dormitories back online quickly.

Our battery systems were able to postpone the failure by about one hour. Around 09:05 o'clock our systems then failed.